Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lot Control and Traceability erp in india

Eresource ERP Lot Control and Traceability offers a full range of reports by lot and serial number to ensure its effectiveness in your manufacturing environment.

Eresource ERP solution through its Lot Control and Traceability function provides the facility for the designation of raw material lots and the serialization of the component parts made from those lots. This capability ensures the integrity and configuration management of critical parts and products.

Lot Control and serialization options are defined at the system level and when one of these options is activated individual items are defined to be controlled by either lot number or serial number or by item number (not lot or serial tracked) on the part master file. When a part is defined as being tracked by lot number or serial number, that tracking is enforced throughout all material transactions for that item and upward through its parent items.

For purchased items lot or serial numbers are required for the full quantity of receipt, and are entered as part of the receiving transaction. For receipts with many serial number tracked items, ranges of numbers may be entered. A running total of items accounted for with lot or serial number assignments are displayed, thereby ensuring that the entire received quantity is properly identified prior to completion of the transaction.

Furthermore, the system checks current inventory to ensure that duplicate numbers are not assigned. On subsequent inventory transactions, lot and serial traceability is enforced upward through the item's bill of material structure. The lot or serial number and quantity are required on all material issues.

To assist the user, all of the lot or serial numbers for the part being issued, as well as the quantity available for issue, can be displayed. Stock status reports and pick lists are printed with lot/serial number detail. Alternately, a lot or serial number can be entered that will yield the part number, quantity, and location(s) where it is stocked. Configuration records are maintained for every lot and serial controlled item.

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