Sunday, July 12, 2009

erpservices in india

Understand, implement and relax!

Why we say we stand out from the rest? We make our customers understand what they require and guide them on that direction and implement only what they absolutely needed। When we implement an ERP, the solution must yield the desirable result. That makes our customers happy and satisfied.

eresource ERP solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate personnel, processes, applications, and data across an enterprise, enabling the organization to streamline its operations and support business growth। Our integration solutions help organizations place information in the hands of those who need it, ensuring optimal relations with customers, partners, employees, and suppliers

Eresource offers range of ERP services with respect to enterprise solution to organization। Irrespective of ERP brand, be it, eresource OR SAP or Oracle or any other ERP brands in the world, eresource renders services for complete Enterprise implementation life cycle,
Selection of ERP vendor
Risk Analysis & Mitigation Plan
Pre Implementation Approach
Project Management and Monitoring
ERP Training and Implementation
ERP Training and Implementation
Operational Audit
Post Implementation Audit
Measuring Range compatibility and ROI
We work with you jointly to deliver the most favorable ERP solution for your organization, to help you further maximize your return on the investment।
Eresource ERP, India's leading ERP solution provider offers a centralised framework to integrate and automate all business processes of an establishment with the aim of increasing operational efficiency and improving the accessibility and flow of information across all departments। Availability of timely information combined with a flexible framework enable organizations to respond and adapt quickly to the changing marketplace and business environment in a more efficient manner, which obviously results in good ROI (Return on Investment).

Our list of services also includes training of employees on the use of the system and post implementation support and maintenance services।
Advantage of eresource ERP
OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY: Automates all business and functional processes thereby increasing overall operational efficiency. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: eresource ERP solution help in enhancing internal business processes and enables organizations to improve customer satisfaction. EASY ACCESS: Our web-based ERP solution enables easy accessibility and availability of timely information results in better decision making and forecasting. FLEXIBILITY: eresource ERP packages have a flexible and scalable structure thereby enabling organizations to adapt and cater to future business expansions and requirements. COST EFFECTIVE: Helps in better utilization of resources thereby resulting in improved productivity.

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  1. Very well said. You have provided the most informative and helpful information. I really learned a lot.
    The process of erp implementation is referred as "ERP implmentation Life Cycle".ERP implementation life cycle focus on the ERP project which is carried out to make ERP up and running.
    Thanks for sharing such a nice blog...


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