Sunday, July 12, 2009

Indian ERP market

Eresource penetrates Indian ERP market

Eresource ERP helping many small and medium business enterprises in India gain maximum benefits from its ERP implementation and also edge over their competitors by successfully integrating its key business operations.

Eresource ERP system links the sales, purchase, manufacturing, order, inventory, supply chain and warehouse management modules in an enterprise for fast and accurate information access to every single person. This is because every single operation and action taken at any place by any person depends on consistent and updated information. Whatever a person required can be immediately accessed by him provided he has the legitimate access to the system.

The integration of the business processes improves coordination between bodies, streamlines workflows and processes and benefits them in terms of retaining and satisfying customers by delivering their orders 'on dot'. Eresource ERP also helps keeping the customer informed about their orders' current status rather than keeping them waiting for information. Eresource ERP makes an organization more time-sensitive.

The manufacturing enterprises can also benefit of better marketing opportunities through eresource ERP. It also penetrates section-wise to addresses solutions to many shortcomings existing in an organization.

eresource ERP also further enhance the decision making by highlighting future projections about sales during a certain period of a certain product. It helps the management take appropriate decision on the production plan and also helps the executives to introduce new value added features to the existing product. This way the product quality could be checked on time which will enhance the sales process.

Listing of benefits from Eresource ERP also includes reduced inventory costs by better planning and forecasting of requirements. Ultimately eresource ERP system helps getting higher return on investments (ROI) quickly.

Finally, there are no two opinions that ERP system has a great importance and it has become the need of the hour for the survival of organizations especially in the manufacturing sector. Irrespective of their strength, whether they are the big players in the field or the SMEs, their success will depend on the way they are dealing with the current business process environment. With this note we would like to remind them that an ERP system is part and parcel of that successful formula.

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