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faqs on erp

ERP - Frequently Asked Questions faqs by eresourceerp

What makes eresource ERP solution different from others?

eresource ERP is an 100% indigenous ERP solution made exclusively for Indian Manufacturers. A genuine web-based, user-friendly ERP, eresource is with data elements which is required for users in different departments. Eresource ERP enables users to connect on to a central system from all the branches/locations, departments. Its web-capability keeps the cost of maintenance at the lowest level also minimize the infrastructure cost. One of the other highlights of eresource ERP is that the software could be used from more than one location without buying an additional license. Eresource is technology independent. That means, it can work on LAN, WAN, Internet or Intranet.

Security and ERP System

The balance between making data available to the users that need it and denying it from those who should not have access is not easy to achieve. To manage this risk your company needs to implement an appropriate access strategy. Do not wait for an embarrassing - and potentially devastating - event to find out that security and controls in your ERP system are inadequate and constitute exposure for your company.

Managing the security of ERP information into and out of your organization has never been more critical - or more challenging. As businesses grow, their information systems support whole communities of users: customers, suppliers, partners and employees, who all count on the secure exchange of a wide variety of information to place orders, pay bills and keep records up to date.

Our ERP security specialists have the expertise, tools and methodologies to make sure that your Eresource ERP system includes a tailored, cost-effective security approach that dovetails with your firewall, virus scanner, spam control and backup systems.

Being a web based ERP, do we need to host our application on a remote server?

No. Eresource ERP can be installed and configured on any local server of your office. If a dedicated IP is configured on the local server, all other location can connect on the ERP server by typing the IP on the URL bar of their respective browser.

What is the time frame to implement eresource ERP?

We are proud to say that our implementation process is fastest in the world today. Our on-time implementation guarantees 100 percent go-live in just three months.

How eresource supports the product after implementation?

As you know eresource ERP is a web-based ERP solution. It is helps to provide on-time, on target support to our all customers irrespective of where their branches or offices are located. Also our consultants can connect on your server on real time for any kind of support required or maintenance.

What technology used in eresource ERP development?

eresource ERP is developed mainly in The dot net application runs faster and is highly secured and cost effective. It also leverages the Internet, allowing you to work on any technology, be it LAN, WAN, Internet or Intranet.

It is advisable to have eresource ERP for big business establishments?

Not only resource ERP helps business grow but also it further provides the feasibility to adapt business dynamics. eresource can be configured without any programming assistance to adapt the new process of the new product. Besides, eresource ERP is range compatible, which simply means, no matter how big you are or you grow, eresource ERP can be expanded to fit to any range.

Is it possible to purchase individual modules?

Yes. Modules can be purchased individually. Some modules have integrated functionality and it is advisable to purchase dependent module together.

Comment on the mobile aspect of it

eresource ERP can also be accessed from Mobile device (It is tested on O2 and Nokia 9300 series). The application in the mobile device appears to be similar as desktop device without any generation loss.

What makes web-based ERP more ideal than server based solution?

Companies have begun asking for enterprise solutions that are broader in scope, address unique challenges and links up with other parts of the organization and that too at a very cost effective price. Linking the solution to their customers, suppliers, partners and branches spread across the globe was a critical aspect for organization. Eresource ERP is the only enterprise solution in India that promises to connect the organization with their respective departments, branches, customers, suppliers, factory that too, locally, nationally and globally. Even without much marketing efforts we have projects that exceeds the bandwidth of eresource Infotech.

How eresource ERP suits the SMBs? At a time when the SMBs in India are fast adopting the latest IT business solutions, anyone who does not keep with this pace and will be left behind. Keeping this in mind and to help the SMBs to implement an ERP with minimum investment eresrouce ERP has developed an affordable ERP which will suit their needs and wallet.

Will eresource ERP be offered as SAS (software as service) model?

Yes, it will be provided as SAS where eresource Infotech helpdesk will provide maintenance, technical and support of the software.

How are security/ access/ and remote access issues addressed?

eresource does the encryption of critical data when the application needs to handle the transaction of data in highly secure way. Encryption converts the data into some digest form to make the data secure over the network. The Decryption process changes the encrypted data back into its original form. Eresource ERP does the encryption of data between the web servers and its client. The most common mean to tackle remote access issues, we suggests our customers to use secure sockets layer (SSL), which uses public key cryptography to protect confidential user information that is transmitted across the web.

Is the system scalable? Can we add new users at a later date?

Your Eresource Administrator can create new users, and there is no limit to the number of users. The number of users who can log-on to the system at any one time is however, limited by the number of concurrent user licenses you have purchased. Additional user licenses can be purchased at any time.

We have limited IT resources - will we need to hire a full time IT person?

The Eresource ERP system is ideal for organizations with limited IT resources. We have many features to reduce system administration efforts. In addition Eresource offers remote administration where we can provide support from our offices. Once the system is set-up and installed only routine maintenance and system administration required is adding new users or changing user security profiles

Is it possible to transfer or convert the data from the current system into eresource ERP?

eresource has a complete set of data transfer utilities. Item master, bills of material, inventory as well as Sales Orders, Invoices, Purchase Orders can all be transferred. A major factor in changing systems is losing access to all the sales and transaction history.

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